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The Journalism Strategies organizing team has taken a few days off after the conference and is easing back into things. We’re thrilled with the enthusiasm and concrete proposals that came out of the conference. Participants decided to keep the conversations about the proposals going online. We will be reorganizing the site to accommodate those conversations in the coming days. In the meantime, here’s the closing statement suggested by Ryerson’s Paul Knox and endorsed by the rest of the folks in the room:

The conference brought together people from a broad range of areas of journalism, types of journalism, people who are concerned with journalism, people who study journalism, as well as people who want to see journalism succeed and thrive for a number of reasons connected with the health and thriving of our society and the world. We were thrilled with the opportunities for interchange, the opportunity to become familiar with other perspectives, and most importantly to have begun a conversation that large numbers of other people need to be involved in as well. There needs to be further outreach. We realize other people are thinking about these issues, talking about them, confronting them in their daily practice and work, and the conversation needs to be broadened to everyone who cares about journalism in this country.

Please see the links below if  you want to catch up on what else happened over the course of the conference.


You can watch video of the conference events by clicking on this link:


ScribbleLive is a Canadian company that powers liveblogging for media companies around the planet. It donated an account — and a liveblogger, resident journalist Dana Lacey to cover this conference in real time for those who couldn’t attend in person.

The liveblog archive is below. 

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